Page 99s 

“Open the book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.”Ford Madox Ford

You may have gathered from the fact that my blog’s name comes from Ford Madox Ford, that the quote on the front screen is from Ford Madox Ford, that my research ‘about’ section mentions Ford Madox Ford twice, that I have reviews and articles about Ford Madox Ford on the blog, that I write lengthy sentences that flow with consciousness not grammar and that I have this section that I am a huge supporter of the great man – a man only worthy of being called by his full chosen title.

As well as being a prolific writer, Ford Madox Ford (FMF from hereon in) was an established editor and critic. This first came to prominence when he founded and edited the English Review. Through this paper he brought together the canon of early modernist literature, encouraging and collaborating with these writers and bringing them to print – example authors published include Thomas Hardy, Henry James, Joseph Conrad, John Galsworthy, W. H. Hudson, and H. G. Wells. FMF can also be credited as being the publisher for the early works of giants such as Ezra Pound and D. H. Lawrence. He worked alongside these writers as their editors and promoters whilst fairly reviewing the works with slating comments whilst at the same time showing their elegance and importance.

In short, the man knew his way around a piece of writing and therefore this blog acknowledges this and follows suit, giving reviews based on books simply by their 99th pages as FMF said was possible. (Plus, having spent both my BA and MA talking and writing about books I’d never read, I feel I hold some expertise).

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